About Metal Detectors and Metal Detecting



Metal detecting is a fun, healthy and rewarding hobby for individuals young and old.  Where else are you outside in the fresh air getting exercise and finding interesting items ranging from coins to jewelry both new and old? Well you can do all that if you become interested in metal detecting.

metal detector

The first thing you need to find is a metal detector. The metal detectors of today range in price from inexpensive “toy” models at $50 to high end sophisticated models over $1,000. But you don’t need to spend anywhere near $1,000 to get a quality metal detector with many advanced features and many fine detectors exist in the $200-350 range. Check out the metal detectors product page for references to the top manufacturers.

Along with the metal detector, you need a few helpful accessories to make treasure hunting easier on you. These accessories include headphones to help hear the signals from the metal detector, tools for digging in the ground or scooping up sand, and other items to make your time more productive and comfortable. Check out the metal detector accessories page for these items and more.

digging toolOnce you’ve got the equipment, you need to find a place to start having fun. The most important item to remember is you need to have permission for any area you will be metal detecting. You can metal detect on your own property but once you head out, you can’t just start detecting and digging anywhere you want. Rules and regulations vary from country to country, state to state and town to town. It’s always best to do some investigation ahead of time online and see if you can find any info out on public areas or state parks and beaches. A quick online search might turn up exactly what info you need or you might need to spend some time contacting individuals or agencies in advance to get permission or even possibly acquire a permit. You can also check and see if there are metal detecting clubs in your area or where you will be travelling to that might be able to provide some guidance.

Once you out there with your metal detector please be respectful of others as well as the area you are in. Leave the area in as good or better shape then when you got there. Don’t leave holes exposed if you are digging and replace any items moved during the hunt. If you find garbage on the ground, please pick it up and dispose if it properly. If others approach, as often happens, take a moment to explain what you are doing. Show them your equipment and if you’ve found anything interesting, let them see the treasures you have uncovered.

Once you wrap up a day of treasure hunting with your metal detector you hopefully have a few neat items that you found. You might want to start keeping track of what you found and where and on what date. It’s always interesting to see how much you’ve found over time so you might as well keep track from the beginning. Be careful and cautious with cleaning what you found. Items can be damaged and lose some of their value, especially with coins, if they are cleaned or cleaned improperly.

Metal Detector Finds

If you do find anything that can be traced back to an individual such as a college or high school ring with an engraving, with some investigation you might be able to find the person that lost the item years or decades earlier. It’s a great feeling reuniting someone with one of their possessions that was thought to be gone forever.

Well that’s a brief introduction into what you might want to know about metal detectors and about metal detecting. Have a look around the site and I hope your join the hobby.