Where to Find a Metal Detector



There are many ways to find and buy a metal detector once you decide your price range and/or model. You need to factor in tax & shipping along with the price of detector to determine the total purchase cost.

There are traditional stores including discount stores such as Radio Shack, Sears & Walmart. They typically offer the lower end models though some might offer mid price models but usually only online.

There are the standard online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. They both offer a large and varied selection of metal detector models from multiple manufacturers. While Amazon traditionally offers new metal detectors, eBay offers both new and used detectors. Like any bid/purchase on eBay you need to be cautious and sure of what you are bidding on. I personally have ordered many items on eBay without incident including multiple metal detector accessories.

There are a couple of major online retailers that specialize in metal detectors. The larger specialty retailers are Kellyco, Detector Electronics, Big Boys Hobbies & Miller MDZ and they often run specials including some previously owned, demo’ed and refurbished items.