Metal Detecting in California CA



California has urban, suburban, rural & beach areas offering varied types of metal detecting opportunity. Please obtain permission and check all local and state regulations for the area you will be hunting.


Metal Detector stores in CA:
American Prospector Treasure Seeker – Temecula
Big Valley Metal Detectors – Fair Oaks
Columbia Metal Detectors – Escondido
Golden State Metal Detectors – Foster City
Ground Balanced Extreme – Jamul
The Miners Cache – Redding
Pedersens Metal Detectors – Stanton
Prospectors Depot – Joshua Tree
Rusty’s Gold & Treasure Hunting Supply – Anaheim
Valley Detector Sales – Modesto
Western Metal Detectors – Cobb

Metal Detecting Clubs in CA:
Central Coast Treasure Hunters
Gold Coast Treasure Hunters
Mendocino Lost & Found
Mid Valley Treasure Hunters
Mt. Diablo Metal Detecting
Prospectors Club of Southern CA
Riverside Treasure Hunters
Sacremento Valley Detecting Buffs
San Joaquin Valley Treasure Hunters
Treasure Hunters Socirty of Santa Clara Valley
Treasure Seekers of San Diego
West Coast Prospectors & Treasure Hunters
West End Prospectors

Videos of metal detecting in California:

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