Metal Detecting in Florida FL



Florida has urban, suburban, rural and vast beach areas offering every conceivable type of metal detecting opportunity. Please obtain permission and check all local and state regulations for the area you will be hunting.

Metal Detector stores in FL:
Bill Jacksons – Pinellas Park
Kellyco Metal Detector Superstore – Winter Park
Myers Metal Detectors – Tampa
Palm Beach Metal Detectors – Jupiter
Reilly’s Treasured Gold – Pompano Beach

Metal Detecting Clubs in FL:
Central Florida Metal Detecing
Dig & Find Coinshooters
Gold Coast Treasure Club
Historical Recovery Association of North Florida
Panhandle Reasearch & Recovery
South Florida Treasure Hunters
St Lucie Treasure Hunters
Suncoast Search & Recovery
Treasure Coast Archeological Society
West State Archaeological Society

Videos of metal detecting in Florida:

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