Metal Detector Accessories



When purchasing a new metal detector or optimizing the hunt with an existing detector, accessories are key additions to the hunt. Accessories typically fall into the following categories.

metal detector coil

Coils  & Coil Covers
– Most mid to high end detectors offer optional coils to replace the stock one that comes with the detector. Some replacement metal detector coils are larger providing more coverage when sweeping an area and some are smaller providing more targeted & focused detecting. Coils come with the cable needed to connect to your specific detector. Coil covers slip on over the coils to protect during traveling or when not in use.

digging tool
Digging tools
РThese tools are made to cut out a plug of dirt easier then a traditional garden trowel. They are often pointed and serrated to help cut cleanly through grass and dirt.

metal detector headphones
– Headphones allow you to more easily hear the sounds the detector puts out vs the built-in speaker on the detector. The built-in speaker is on the main unit below your hand vs headphones which play the sound right into your ears. This is critical if the area is noisy and likely the first metal detector accessory you should look to purchase.

metal detector pinpointer
– A popular addition to your treasure hunting arsenal is a pinpoint detector. It’s a mini hand-held wand that helps find the metal object once it’s been located with the main detector. When you dig a hole, you can stick the pinpointer in the hole to determine if a small metal object was removed or still needs to be dug out. Prices range from about $60 and up and I’m not sure if there’s any real benefit from a more expensive pinpointer.

sand scoop
Sand Scoops
– If you are going to do any metal detecting at the beach, a sand scoop is an accessory you need. It allows you to scoop through a large amount of sand with the sand filtering out and the treasure remaining in the scoop. There are short handled scoops and long handled scoops. The long handled sand scoops allow you to scoop without bending down too far to locate the item that was identified.