Metal Detectors



Metal detectors range in price and features from inexpensive with minimal features to expensive high end metal detectors with bells and whistles and the ability to isolate specific types of metals and signals. Below are some of the more popular metal detector where you can click through to find where to each company’s range of detectors and where to get a metal detector. Even value models today can offer some high end features such as determination of the target, elimination of certain types of metals, etc. They are worth checking out if you are just starting out, no matter what your budget is.

Value models: < $350  |  Mid range: $350 – $700  | High end: > $700

metal detector

Bounty Hunter – Range from value priced models even sold at RadioShack to more serious mid range models. Bounty Hunter detectors usually offer a few additional features vs the same price point with other detector manufacturers. They provide a product comparison chart.

Fisher – Value priced thru high range metal detectors covering all-purpose treasure hunting, underwater metal detecting and gold hunting models. Their online PDF catalog contains a product comparison chart of model features.

Garrett – One of the more well known names in metal detectors, they provide value priced through feature rich mid range metal detectors. Most Garrett models are general purpose with some specialty type units. Their online catalog contains a comparison chart towards the end.

Minelab – Manufactures mid to high end models. They are split into general purpose detectors and those targeting gold metal detecting.

Tesoro – Produces a mid priced suite of metal detectors covering general purpose and underwater models.

White’s – A higher end metal detector manufacturer with most products in the high end price range.